End the suffering, show your audience you really care.

people are currently at a training session or presentation
of them are fighting to stay awake
just did an embarrassing icebreaker
of them are on Facebook

*numbers are based on a vast amount of quantative data analysis – not! But you get the idea.

Not to toot our own horn, but…

The session flowed well and didn't appear to drag on, despite being the full morning. Overall, one of the best Professional Development Sessions I've attended - thank you.

Tertiary Education Marketing Professional

Without a doubt, the standout within this session was Michael's integration of what we were exposed to in action. Most courses I've attended fail to demonstrate the content in an applicable way. Michael's delivery of the session however is testament to effectiveness of his course.

Banking Industry Professional

I can't remember the last time I attended a training session that was so engaging and entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed the teachings with Michael.

Retail Management Professional

In my three plus decades of work, without a shadow of doubt I would say that it was the most engaging and fruitful training day.

Medical Manager - Pharmaceutical

It was incredibly refreshing to attend a workshop that was different from all other training courses but also better! It was interesting how this course highlighted the fact that we often present to humans in a non-human way which means engagement is lost!

Pharmaceutical Industry Professional

Clear practical application, engagement with the audience and experiential learning . You made us feel comfortable to share ideas. You gave us choices throughout, so we are more willing to engage and are more receptive to your ideas.

Pharmaceutical Industry Professional

It was interactive and like no other course that I have been on before. I had a great day, and I usually don’t say that after being on a course all day.

Fitness Industry Professional

You never knew what was coming next. It was truly experiential learning. The best kind.

Tertiary Education Marketing Professional

There is nothing else out there like this from our perspective! Everyone got so much out of the program and left with some strategies they can use to ensure they deliver engaging and memorable presentations and workshops.

Training Manager - Pharmaceutical

Great presenter. I hope to be able to incorporate a few of the techniques to improve my delivery!

Fitness Industry Professional

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Why you need us...

You have a group of trainers or facilitators that are continually developing others and never get development themselves.

Your teams know their content really well but need some help making it meaningful for others.

You are caught repeating the training and presenting habits of those who came before you and you need some options.

You want to blow your team’s mind and rewrite the training and presentation rule book. Who wrote that book anyway?!

Our training programs

Training with people in mind

Yep, if you forget you have human beings sitting in the room all your content might be wasted.

Train your trainers! How many people do they impact everyday in your organization? If it is worth sending people to training, it is worth helping those delivering it be the best they can be.

Presenting with people in mind

Ok, you are not a trainer, but you spend a fair bit of time in front of a group of people running a workshop, facilitating a team day, launching a new product or presenting at conference.

No one has ever told you how to do it, you just work it out as you go, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Take the guess work out, make it easier for you and for them. Make it engaging and memorable!

Humane Presentations

End the suffering – yes really. We have all suffered sitting through or delivering a presentation. It is not fun, and it is definitely not time well spent.
Learn how to do it in a “Humane” way – alleviate the suffering and get it done quickly and effectively! Be engaging and memorable. You can, you just don’t know how yet.

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Unconventional delivery! Very energetic, kept me interested and found Michael's style really personableExperiential learning, loved that I only picked up my phone in the breaks, introduced to some great tools I will be integrating into my rep training sessions.

Pharmaceutical Industry Professional

Michael was fantastic! Really engaging, got us to think for ourselves too which is important. By demonstrating at the start of the presentation the different methods before telling us they had occurred meant we got to experience them with genuine reaction and as a result, made me see that they really work without forcing them. Thanks Michael!

George Weston Foods

The energy you were able to maintain with the group throughout using the techniques you were teaching was amazing - all the principles are so simple and easy to incorporate - State changes and language are the top 2 on the easiest to incorporate list!

Pharmaceutical Industry Professional

Thank you for easily the best professional development session I've done in 15 years of retail. I honestly can’t wait to start practicing what I learnt!

Retail Management Professional

The lack of (apparent) structure from a participant perspective, which kept things interesting and different from the (boring) norm. Enjoyed interacting with other participants. Most of all, it was fun and engaging. Michael was excellent as a facilitator.

Retail Management Professional

Entertaining. Takes a different and abstract approach but when the reason for that is made clear it all makes sense.

Banking Industry Professional

The best thing about this is that you learn through actually experiencing the lesson itself. You come through the other end realising you are picking up "gems" along the way.

FMCG Sales Industry Professional

Learning by doing - Michael practiced what he preached and gave his presentation using the methods he was teaching us about. I didn't check my watch once!

Tertiary Education Marketing Professional

You came highly recommended and you lived up to your reputation!

Tertiary Education Marketing Professional

Thank you SO much Michael, truly the best course I have ever been to, it was nothing like what I expected. I have retained so much information from the day and look forward to implementing some techniques in my next presentation.

FMCG Sales Industry Professional